40% of Tokens Locked in Columbus Project

To our Loyal Columbus Community, we are here to build this community hand by hand, and to gain your trust and pave the way to reach new Horizons.

📣 Columbus token supply is 10,000,000,000,000 tokens, 60% of which is currently running in the Public Sale.

We gladly ANNOUNCE that the remaining 40% has been LOCKED 🔒
You can check the 🔒 in the BSC Chart link below 👇🏼

Columbus Token BSC Chart

We promise to be loyal and deliver. We hope this gives you the needed reassurance.

The Tokens will remain locked till January 2022 🔒

The 40% locked tokens are distributed as follows:
• 25% Yield Farming and Staking
• 5% Liquidity
• 5% Marketing
• 5% Team

Columbus Voyager DEX is in development stage, we will implement it the day we unlock out tokens to use for farming and staking.
To secure a safe trip to PancakeSwap this December 20, team has decided to burn 50% of the remaining tokens left from the Public Sale Contract.
• 25% will go to PancakeSwap Liquidity
• 25% will be added for Yielding and Staking DEX to have higher APY

🔆 Together we build, We are ONE family, let’s go COLUMBUSARMY

For more info and details about the Columbus Token Project, enjoy the following links!

Website || Whitepaper || Public Sale || Telegram

Instagram || Discord || Reddit || LinkedIn || TikTok

BitcoinTalk || Facebook || Twitter



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Columbus Token

Columbus Token

Columbus Token simplifies finance, and gives users a platform to enjoy fruits of defi. Together we sail to a new Horizon!