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Date: 14–02–2022

In the past few weeks we have been working hard on the next steps in our journey to a successful product launch. After our presale phase and launch which were big milestones to reach and getting passed, we shifted our focus to what is the real purpose of the project: The launch of the Columbus Voyager DEX!

We are thrilled to finally get started with the phase where we will bring actual value for our loyal and new members. In this article we want to inform you about:

  • The progress we made so far
  • The next upcoming milestones
  • The goals we defined and aim for
  • The upcoming marketing initiatives
  • The way of managing our progress

Where are we now?

In the last four months of 2021 we scaled up our community after publishing the whitepaper and the Columbus Token website. The pre-sale of the $CBS started in September and lasted until half of December after which we did a successful launch on the first DEX PancakeSwap. This was a big milestone to reach as part of the foundation for the continuation of our project. We were proud of achieving it and successfully launching our token.

However, we all know that without actual utility a Crypto token doesn’t have value. So far the value of the token was only based on expectations and promises regarding the upcoming Columbus Voyager DEX, Staking and Farming utilities. Now we are finally getting there!

Although it has been a little more quiet from our side, we did work hard on the development of the Smart Contracts which will be used in the platform and on the platform itself. Besides that we’ve had a lot of discussion about how to improve ourselves in terms of our way of working, managing the project, measuring the progress and the success of the project etc.

You’ll read about it in the following paragraph. But let’s first talk about the next big milestones we’re eyeing.

Upcoming milestones

Since we have progressed a lot on the development of our platform, we are finally ready to work towards the launch of the true utility of Columbus. The two main objectives are:

  1. Passing the Certik audit of our Smart Contracts
  2. Launching the first version the Columbus Voyager DEX

Let us explain a little about these two objectives.

Launch of the Voyager DEX

Let’s start with the Voyager DEX itself. We are happy to announce that during the development of the DEX the team proposed to focus on the features which will bring the most value for you, the token holder, first; we totally agreed with that. This means that the first version of the Voyager DEX will offer Liquidity Mining and Sailor Farms, hence, supporting Staking and Yield Farming.

This will bring great value for the token holders being able to generate passive income right at the moment of launch of the platform. As you can imagine we didn’t doubt for one second to shift focus to this functionality.

Next goal would obviously be to launch the Decentralized Exchange function on the Voyager DEX.

Certik audit

As we all know the world of Crypto is full of scams and people or teams with bad intentions. We want to make sure that the product we offer is 100% secure and doesn’t contain any flaws which someone can misuse to hack into the Smart Contracts to get his hands on the staked funds or anything like that. Furthermore, we also want to make clear that the Smart Contracts which will be launched on our platform cannot be exploited by the project team in any way.

To ensure this we have contacted Certik to perform a thorough audit on the products we will launch. Based on the outcome of the audit we might have to implement some improvements or if not, we are good to go live.

Because of this dependency we will have to wait until the Certik audit is successfully passed before we can plan the platform’s launch date. However, we will prepare everything we need to be able to go live as soon as possible after the successful audit. Of course we will inform the community on time when it will take place.

Leading goals

In the meantime we have set some specific goals regarding the growth of the community and the exposure of the Columbus Token, which are defined as:

  1. Execute a smooth launch (Smooth launch)
  2. Expand the community (Community);
  3. Increase number of investments (Investment);
  4. Expand exposure in other global areas (Global);

These four goals will be the main drivers for our marketing and promotional efforts which we will execute from this week onward. More on this in the next chapter.

For each of the goals we also defined metrics on how to measure the progress we make. We aim to measure all initiatives we employ to be able to evaluate the success of it afterwards and adjust our approach accordingly. Therefore, although we did prepare an extensive marketing plan, we might adjust the plan along the way based on new insights.

What does the Marketing Plan entail?

The term Marketing plan has passed pretty often now, but what is it all about and what is incorporated? First of all we cannot enclose all details of it upfront because we don’t want to be played based on this. However, we will announce every marketing action which we execute upfront in the community.

There are many many ways to try to generate traction and exposure for any marketing goal one has. For us, we reasoned from our contextual perspective. The context is defined by the following aspects:

  • The world of crypto
  • The most common channels and platforms involved on this world of crypto
  • Our current situation
  • Our goals (as covered above)
  • Our product
  • Our planning
  • Our budget

All these aspects led to the marketing plan we prepared.

In the upcoming period we will shape all the marketing outings around the Voyager DEX launch, more specifically the Staking and Yield Farming functionalities; and the Certik audit process. The Certik audit not only is the last hurdle we need to take, it will also give confidence to potential investors.

The following marketing types will be used to try to get the highest impact on our goals:

Ad Campaign on different types of platforms

Think of news platforms, coin listing platforms and such. We will do at least two campaigns on two different platforms in the upcoming three weeks.

Influencers reviewing our platform

This is a high quality type of promotion since the actual platform will be reviewed by an external person for his/her followers. We aim to have several smaller influencers to cover the platform instead of only one with a big audience.

Shillers for short term hype

A way to get your name broadcasted to a lot of people is by a “shiller”. Quality might be a bit lower, the impact also might be temporary but there will be increased attention and there will be a number of people who stick around and are truly interested. We already selected several channels to collaborate with for this type of advertising.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions

During these sessions we expect to be able to reach a more interested audience. We will be able to share more background and perspective about the product and the project. This format also allows us to pitch into new communities. We have selected two communities to start with, the date still has to be finalised.

Considering these types of marketing and advertising we think you would be pretty well able to map it to our goals as shared earlier in the article.

We have high confidence of having a big and positive impact on the goals by employing these initiatives. As said, we will announce every initiative well before it is executed, so stay with us!

Wrapping up; let’s go!

This is it for now. As said, we are very confident about the plan at hand. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas which could help us and improve the impact we can make, don’t hesitate to reach out.

We want to thank you once again for your patience. You have been part of the presale and the token launch phase. It has been a waiting game so far for you but we are now at the stage where we can finally bring you value and reward your patience.

Keep up the spirit and let’s go!

Thank you,

The Columbus Team

Finally, there is more…

As a team we concluded that it would be reasonable to first offer the opportunity to our loyal members and followers to ask any question they have on their mind as a result of this article and the described plan of approach. Therefore, before we trigger our first advertisement we will host an AMA in the Columbus Token community on Telegram:

  • Date: Thursday 17–02–2022
  • Time: 12:00 UTC (Check the Countdown)
  • Format: Chat based
  • AMA invitee: Ali Fakih (CFO Columbus Token)

There will be a great opportunity for one of the community members to play a significant role in this AMA, stay tuned for the announcement!


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