Columbus Token’s AMA-1 With The CFO of The Columbus Project

On Thursday, November 11th, the first AMA (Ask Me Anything) session of the Columbus Token Project was held. The AMA was hosted by the CFO of the Columbus Project, Mr. Ali Fakih, who started the session with an overview of the project and its roadmap. Mr. Fakih also talked about the Columbus Token use case, introduced the team members and partners, then ended the session responding to the community Live Questions.

CFO of The Columbus Project- Mr. Ali Fakih

Mr. Fakih started with introducing the project and the team members:

“Hello Columbus community, I wish all of you are doing great. And I thank you for being here in our first live AMA”

“Let me first introduce myself, my name is Ali Fakih , I am the CFO of the Columbus project, I’ll be answering all of your questions today. We highly value your opinions, questions, suggestions , criticism and initiatives as long as they are grounded and supported by valid arguments. We are open to learn and listen to the community.”

“I would like to welcome you all to this great event, it’s a true milestone to host our first AMA. We are very pleased to see so many of you joining and showing your interest in our project and the background of it.
I promise to be very transparent and to speak what comes from the heart , you have given us a big responsibility to deliver , together we will build a Columbus army to march to a new horizon.”

“I will explain to you the project details once again, introducing the team members and main partners. We hope this gives u a better feeling and perception towards the project.”

“We were inspired by Cristopher Columbus when we started our concept, my partners and I had the passion and wisdom to plan the outline project.”

“We began our journey of knowledge and discovery, aiming to reach the new lands of success.”

“Columbus token is a crypto asset with a financial use case, we aim to make users benefit on the long term, we will be a having our Voyager DEX, you can yield farm, stake, even swap CBS tokens and earn high APY rewards. In the future we are planning to even grant you these rewards in BUSD.

A process which ill be explaining in our second AMA.”

“Meanwhile you can still stake or farm CBS token once we launch on Pancake Swap using there platform.

COLUMBUS DEX will have special features with less fees and a better way to swap and farm in a more practical way, you can easily harvest back your rewards to your wallet.”

“The Columbus Token is also home to NFT market place , we believe NFTs have a promising future . You can customize them sell them or even stake them using CBS tokens.”

“In the second quarter of next year Columbus Wallet will be introduced, we will have an extraordinary wallet , I don’t wanna loose the hype of it I will definitely talk about its features later.”

Mr. Fakih continued to introduce the project’s team members and partners,

“I’ll be very honest in every word I say today.. First I wanna present my self today acting as the cover of this project, unfortunately our CEO will not be attending this session today and I promise he will address a short welcoming video soon introducing himself.”

“Mr. KHODOR SOUFAN is the CEO of this project ,although he doesn’t have any background in the world of crypto, he is still the right guy to be the CEO of this organization, because of his experience in running organizations.

He has a big network of people supporting this project , he is actually a silent partner who runs big companies around the globe.
I am honored to be be given the CFO position, in the past years I’ve build up a lot of experience in the field of crypto. Starting with trading and investing., but I shifted my focus pretty quickly to learn about smart contracts ,farming staking and many more, I’ve spent couple of years taking courses of crypto, I think I have a good knowledge by now, you know practice makes perfect. But no one’s perfect we all intend to learn more in this incredible future of blockchain which has dominated the way we move our money and have full authority on it. The blockchain network is your new bank, Columbus will be part of this blockchain.”

“Let me talk about the developers of Columbus token, many of you will be asking this question. Columbus token is developed my a company called BLOCKCHAINX , a very well known developer based in Dubai and India, we have the honor to be working with them they have done many successful projects around the world.”

“In addition to our developers we have selected a group of experienced , creative marketing professionals, and community managers. Together we spread the word and fame of the Columbus token. I want to thank every one of them for the dedication they have put into the job. We are proud and have full trust in the team, I believe these people will be the key to the success of the project.:

Then Mr. Fakih renounced the Liquidity Lock of the Team Tokens of the project,

“Before I wrap up my story By sharing all of this and revealing our partners I hope we brought some great value to you, we cannot risk our reputation by taking some shady business. This is something you should realize and believe us for it.

To prevent the team from benefitting from the token launch we have locked the team tokens, this should give u reassurance. 40 percent of remaining tokens has been locked , some of which will be used for liquidity once the DEX is ready in the first quarter of next year, any tokens left from the crowd sale circulation 50 percent of it will be burnt forever the rest will be set for liquidity and staking on PancakeSwap.”

“I’m going to announce this again, for any of you Columbus token holders who have doubts or seconds thoughts before the launch on pancake swap, I am ready to refund back your money.”

“ Thank you very much for making this happen, I promise to many more AMAs. It was an honor speaking to you today, have faith in Columbus. Let’s build this army together and march to PancakSwap with ambition and trust.

Now let me try to answer some of your questions.”

Question: What would happen if most of CBS holders sell at launch, will it affect the price?

“As we discussed previously on our channel, the team will burn 50% of the remaining tokens left from the crowd sale. We have many investors ready to buy once the token is launched on Pancake Swap, it will hence stabilize the price. Columbus is a long term investment ecosystem.”

Question: What if the ICO’s target was reached and all the tokens were sold?

“If all the tokens are sold out , the price will only be affected if large number of people sell, the effect of the token burn is that the circulation of the token is reduced and theoretically it should increase the price of the token. Just like how deflation works.”

Question: Why were the ICO funds been sent to Binance?

““At the time BNB was volatile, we prefer holding the funds in a fixed Tether USDT rate, which I personally regret”

Question: Why will the 40% locked tokens be unlocked on Jan 22,2022?

“As we promised our users, we are set to deliver our Columbus VOYAGER DEX in the first quarter of 2022, we need to use our tokens for liquidity once DEX is ready, if by any chance the date is postponed, tokens will be locked back again.”

Question: How many wallets do you have?

“We have two wallets, one controlling our smart contract and the other is admin wallet.”

Question: so basically Columbus project is based on staking and farming?

“Columbus project is a aiming to give users the opportunity to benefit more on a long term investment, we will have a similar PancakeSwap DEXwith many bugs fixed features, easier way of swapping farming and staking. And of course with less fees.”

Question: You said we have the chance to gain 40% return once released on pancake swap?

“I would never say that, in crypto no one is allowed to give financial advice, we all know it’s too volatile and can never be predicted. We are very transparent with everything we say to our users, its true that buying now on the presale price is 29% less than the expected launching price on pancake swap, yet we can never predict or assure the gains. On another hand , there’s a strong team behind the Columbus project, we have an antiwhaling system we plan to use to stabilize our market price and work on the burning process if needed.”

Question: Why is the road map date ahead of your project goals?

“We had a major system update, due to the corona virus pandemic we had to reschedule our plans and set a marketing strategy to cover the targeting areas we intend to reach.”

Question: When will the DEX and wallet be available and will you be listed on Binance?

“Binance….. I would love too, it’s a dream.. its you our loyal users, its u who will build an army and we can reach anywhere . we have already approached some good exchanges for listing, lets see how pcs goes and we can take it from there. Launching all platforms at once will lose the hype of our project lets stick to our road map and divide everything accordingly”

That was the overview of Columbus’s first AMA. Stay tuned for the next one.

For more info and details about the Columbus Token Project, enjoy the following links!

Website || Whitepaper || Public Sale || Telegram

Instagram || Discord || Reddit || LinkedIn || TikTok

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