PancakeSwap x Columbus : This December!

Columbus Token Listing This Decembre on PancakeSwap

The News..

So after a successful commitment to its Roadmap Milestones, developing the concept and the Whitepaper and creating the Token Contract in May ’21, launching the website and community platforms in June ’21, launching the Token Public Sale in Sep ’21, October was the month of BIG decisions.

The collaborated planning and combined efforts of Columbus Project’s Developers, Community, and Marketing teams yielded a new timing for PancakeSwap Listing and the end of the Public Sale. The Public Sale will last till mid December followed by the Listing on PancakeSwap Platform.

What will happen when CBS Token Gets on PancakeSwap?

Empowering members with even more choice, the listing on PancakeSwap opens the doors for Columbus Token Holders to trade, hold or sell $CBS Tokens at any time, keeping in mind that holding will make more passive income profits!

We know that some of you have been eagerly anticipating this listing — and we’re delighted to be able to bring our community even more ways to buy $CBS!

This Listing will be the first listing for the Columbus Token and will open the doors for many great listings to follow!

So now you’re ready for Columbus!

Columbus is listing on PancakeSwap with a market cap of $1,100,000 at the listing, with a circulating supply of 10,000,000,000,000 $CBS.

Listing price of $CBS will be around $0.000005 per token (public sale price of $CBS is about 0.000002$).

For more info and details about the Columbus Token Project, enjoy the following links!

Website || Whitepaper || Public Sale || Telegram

Instagram || Discord || Reddit || LinkedIn || TikTok

BitcoinTalk || Facebook || Twitter



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Columbus Token

Columbus Token

Columbus Token simplifies finance, and gives users a platform to enjoy fruits of defi. Together we sail to a new Horizon!